Animesh Roul

Animesh Roul is the executive director of the New Delhi-based policy research group Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict. He specializes in counterterrorism, radical Islam, terror financing, and armed conflict and violence in South Asia. Mr. Roul has written extensively on these subject areas, being published in edited books, journals, and policy magazines. He co-authored a book on India’s indigenous terror group Indian Mujahideen (Springer, 2013). He is regularly cited in the Washington Post, Reuters, Wall Street Journal and Hindustan Times among others. He regularly contributes to The  Jamestown Foundation’s Terrorism Monitor and Militant Leadership Monitor.

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    Articles by Animesh Roul

    Al-Qaeda-Linked Group HUJI-B Attempts to Regroup in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh’s Islamist landscape unexpectedly expanded with a reported resurgence of al-Qaeda-linked Harkat-ul Jihad al-Islami-Bangladesh (HUJI-B—Movement of Islamic Holy War-Bangladesh) terrorist group, which has been lying dormant for over a decade.

    Al-Qaeda’s Quiet Resurgence in India

    Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), the official South Asian branch of the transnational al-Qaeda network, has spread its tentacles in the region beyond its strongholds. Beyond Afghanistan, Pakistan and

    Does Islamic State Pose a Threat to India?

    India first woke up to the emerging threat of Islamic State (IS) on its soil in May 2014, when four engineering students from Kalyan, Maharashtra, joined the group. In the

    Pakistan’s Jamaat-ul-Ahrar: A Violent Domestic Threat

    Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA), once a disgruntled breakaway faction of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), has been behind a series of deadly attacks across Pakistan since March 2016, apparently contradicting the Pakistani Army’s claim

    Bangladesh Launches Crackdown on Islamist Threat

    After months denying the existence of transnational jihadist groups on its soil in the face of a violent campaign against secular and progressive forces, Bangladeshi authorities appear to have woken

    Kashmir Jihadism and the Threat to India

    It is increasingly evident that each time the relations between India and Pakistan improve, India-focused jihadist groups from across the Pakistani border attempt to disrupt it with attacks in the

    Al-Jazeera Cites Animesh Roul

    Animesh Roul's recent article on the Islamic State's expansion into Bangladesh was cited by al-Jazeera in an article on the recent shooting of an Italian aid worker in Dhaka.

    Animesh Roul Interviewed by One India

    Animesh Roul, a longtime Jamestown contributor, was interviewed by One India about his recent article in Terrorism Monitor on the threat of the Islamic State toward India.

    Animesh Roul Cited in India Today

    Animesh Roul and his recent article for Terrorism Monitor were cited in an article by India Today about the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) and its recruitment efforts in India.

    A Portrait of Azam Cheema: LeT’s India Strategist

    Mohammed Azam Cheema (a.k.a. Baba/Babaji) is widely regarded as the “number three” of Lashkar-e-Taiba’s (LeT) anti-Indian operations. Azam Cheema has masterminded several high-profile attacks against India over the years from

    Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Strategy of “Encircling” India

    Recent developments in three of India’s neighbors have demonstrated the expanding regional presence, reach and influence of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) organization. Going well beyond its Kashmir roots, reports suggest

    Dawood Ibrahim: India’s Elusive Most Wanted Man

    Figured at number three in Forbes’s most wanted fugitive list in 2010—and ranked at number 50 in Forbes’ list of “The World's Most Powerful People” in 2009—Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar remains

    Jihad and Islamism in the Maldive Islands

    Maldivian President Mohammed Nasheed admitted in October, 2009 that hundreds of Maldivian Muslims had been recruited by Pakistan-based terrorist groups and are presently fighting against government forces in Pakistan. [1]

    Indian Army Reacts to the Taliban Threat

    For India’s military, the Taliban is a threat looming large on the horizon. The perception of the Taliban making inroads to India has increased since December 2008, when Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

    Despite Setbacks, JMB Remains Resilient in Bangladesh

    The arrests of three Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) operatives on March 14 in Rangpur and their subsequent interrogations revealed the organization's plan to conduct new terrorist attacks in Bangladesh. The