Mukhtar A. Khan

Mukhtar A. Khan is a Pashtun journalist based in Washington, D.C., covering the issues of Taliban and al-Qaeda in Pakistan-Afghanistan border regions. Since 9/11, he has extensively covered the War on Terror in Pakistan-Afghanistan tribal areas, both for the local and international media, including the BBC, Mail on Sunday, and Voice of America. Before shifting to Washington D.C., Mukhtar closely monitored Pakistan’s tribal areas by paying frequent visits to it and interviewing top Taliban leadership. Currently, he is working on a book on increasing trends of militancy in Pakistan-Afghanistan border regions and its spillover to rest of the world. He is also contributing articles to various local and international publications on terrorism.

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    Articles by Mukhtar A. Khan

    Islamic State a Deadly Force in Kabul

    Afghanistan is no stranger to brutal terrorist attacks, but this year began with a series of particularly vicious deadly attacks in Kabul, the only secured and highly fortified city in

    The Hunt for Pakistan’s Most Wanted Terrorists

    Despite the fact that the Pakistani military has pushed Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters out of 90 percent of their stronghold in the South Waziristan tribal agency bordering Afghanistan, there are

    Kashmir’s al-Badr Mujahideen Hard Hit by Indian Offensive

    India’s military has intensified operations against the Pakistan-sponsored Kashmiri Mujahideen groups still active in Indian-administered Kashmir. In recent days, a top-ranking commander of the militant al-Badr movement, Abu Tamim, was