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Riots, Renewed Attacks Underscore Taliban Resilience

Riots erupted following a deadly May 29 collision between a U.S. convoy and civilian vehicles in Kotal-i-Khairkhana outside Kabul. Within minutes, angry protesters surrounded the convoy, hurling stones at coalition troops and chanting "death to America." Within hours, the Afghan capital was under siege as... MORE

Al-Qaeda Doctrine: The Eventual Need for Semi-Conventional Forces

Earlier in 2006, Terrorism Focus published three articles on al-Qaeda's doctrine for what the United States government has taken to calling the "Long War." In recent weeks, Western media reporting on developments in the Iraq and Afghan insurgencies seems to make a fourth article relevant.... MORE

Baloch Insurgents Escalate Attacks on Infrastructure

Since 2002, Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan has remained gripped by insurgent violence. In the last few months, this violence has increased in frequency and intensity. The favorite targets of insurgents are energy production sites—such as Sui in Dera Bugti—and energy infrastructure that supplies natural... MORE

Afghanistan and Pakistan Face Threat of Talibanization

The bilateral relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan remains frozen and is governed by the two countries' geopolitical rivalries, which have unwittingly helped Taliban militancy in the region. As a result, both states are in danger of "Talibanization" (Dawn, April 27). The immediate challenges that face... MORE

Al-Suri’s Treatise on Musharraf’s Pakistan

Ayman al-Zawahiri's new video release, titled "Message to the People of Pakistan," closely meshes with the work of Abu Musab al-Suri (also known as Mustafa Setmariam Nasar), one of the chief political thinkers of al-Qaeda, who was arrested last November in Pakistan (Terrorism Focus, March... MORE

Taliban Setup Office in South Waziristan

In South Waziristan, members of the local Taliban have been allowed to establish an office in Wana in an effort to restore law and order to the area (Daily Times, March 15). The decision was made in the Jamia-ul-Aloom madrassa in Wana (Daily Times, March... MORE


On March 23 Afghan President Hamid Karzai offered his newly reconstituted cabinet to the new Afghan parliament for a vote of confidence. After days of wrangling, the parliament unanimously approved the formation of the new cabinet on Saturday, April 1. However, the process to approve... MORE

Setmariam Nasar: Background on al-Qaeda’s Arrested Strategist

Since November, reports from Pakistan of the possible arrest of a leading al-Qaeda ideologue have been engaging the interest of media analysts on the war on terrorism. In mid-March, Pakistan security authorities again hinted that they were seeking confirmation that the man arrested last October... MORE

Al-Qaeda Employs Assassination Strategy in Karachi

Despite early questions, a suicide car bomb attack occurring just one block away from the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, killing a U.S. diplomat, his Pakistani driver, a Pakistani Ranger, and injuring scores more, has all the markings of a sophisticated al-Qaeda operation. The attack... MORE