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The PLA Reconceptualizes Control of the Air

Introduction Some Western analysts argue that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) use of the term “command of the air” belies outdated views of control of the air. The term is over a century old, and its original concept has been complicated by technological and... MORE

Ukraine Takes the War Deep Into Russia

Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military philosopher, was rarely studied in Soviet military academies, but the Ukrainian high command—seeking to “win first and start fighting after”—appears to be taking a page out of his treatise, The Art of War. Naturally, the intentions for a spring... MORE

Beyond Arms and Ammunition: China, Russia and the Iran Back Channel

Introduction Along with Iran’s increasing involvement in supplying Russia’s war effort against Ukraine, a potential increase in Chinese support for Russia presents a challenge for both Kyiv and NATO (Eurasia Daily Monitor, March 6).  Indeed, Western governments have recently expressed alarm over China’s potential provision... MORE