Orhan Gafarli

Orhan Gafarli is a PhD candidate in International Relations at Ankara University who specializes in Post Soviet Studies and International Relations. He speaks Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani. Mr. Gafarli currently works with the New Turkey Center For Strategic Studies based in Ankara. Previously, he has cooperated with several analytical centers, including the Foreign Policy Center in Moscow, Strategic Outlook in Ankara, and SETA Think Thank.

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Articles by Orhan Gafarli

Are Russia and Turkey Mending Fences?

Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim paid a visit to Russia on December 6 and 7. Within the framework of the visit, Yildirim held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and

Importance of Syrian Turkmen to Turkey

War-torn Syria is days away from the start of a negotiated partial ceasefire, which is supposed to temporarily end fighting between rebel groups and government forces supported by Russian supplies

Russia and Turkey: Two Friends Become Enemies

On November 28, the Kremlin announced the implementation of a series of economic sanctions against Turkey in response to the latter’s shooting down of a Russian Su-24 military jet that

Turkish Stream: A Bluff or Not?

During his visit to Ankara in December 2014, Vladimir Putin announced that South Stream—a large pipeline that would have carried Europe-bound Russian gas under the Black Sea and across Southeastern

Dilemma in Turkey’s Armenian Foreign Policy

Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs held its Annual Ambassadors Conference on January 5–6, where the overall vision and various aspects of Turkey’s foreign policy were reviewed and discussed (Turkish Ministry

Azerbaijan Seeks Warmer Ties With Iran

Ongoing tensions between Azerbaijan and Iran have filled the press in both countries for the past five years. However, these bilateral frictions have begun to deescalate since Azerbaijani President Ilham