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Putin’s ‘Hybrid War’ Against Russia’s Smallest Nationalities

By Paul GobleMoscow’s approach to the country’s smallest non-Russian nationalities has historically been measured by the opening and closing of schools, the level of support for non-Russian language institutions, the share of officials from indigenous nationalities in key positions, and so on. Over the past... MORE

Ethnic Balance Shifting Against Moscow East of the Urals

By Paul Goble In Soviet times, the predominantly Russian Slavic share of the population east of the Urals rose to 80 percent, overwhelming the non-Russians there and ensuring Moscow’s control. This eastward migration of Slavs came about both as a result of state coercion under... MORE

Volga Tatars in Iran Being Turkmenified

By Paul GobleMany observers are aware that ethnic Azerbaijanis constitute more than a quarter of the population of Iran, but fewer have taken note of the fact that other Turkic groups from the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation are present in... MORE

The Japan Factor

**This is provided to Jamestown subscribers to share the private views of a member of The Jamestown Foundation's Board of Directors. This is not an official Jamestown publication and the views contained herein may not reflect the views of the Foundation.** Japan—and not the United... MORE

Migration Flows—and Not Just Russian Flight—a Problem for Kazakhstan

By Paul GobleAlmost all discussions about migration to and from Kazakhstan focus on the departure of ethnic Russians and other Russian speakers since 1991. This emigration wave has increased the dominance of the titular nationality there. But while the Russian exodus has cost Kazakhstan some... MORE