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Commodity Flux and China’s Africa Strategy

The commodity price decline has revealed to the Africans something of the nature of their friends.  During the commodity price boom, China invested massively in Africa seeking to lock up as many raw materials as possible.  Some in academia spoke confidently of China having a... MORE

China Flaunts Growing Naval Capabilities

The year 2009 is set to become a watershed in the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) development into a force capable of long-distance, multi-pronged power projection. This is despite the perception that owing to the global recession, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership under President Hu... MORE

The Changing Face of the Jihadist Movement in Libya

The LIFG began operations in the early 1990s, but it did not seem to have rushed into getting involved in attacks against the Libyan regime. Its priority is thought to have been building cells inside Libya. That does not seem to have been an easy... MORE