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The Leading Factions Behind the Somali Insurgency

The U.S.-supported Ethiopian invasion that expelled Somalia's Islamist government last December is rapidly deteriorating into a multi-layered conflict that will prove resistant to resolution. Resistance to Ethiopian troops and the Ethiopian-installed Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is inspired by nationalism, religion, economic factors and clan loyalties,... MORE

Al-Qaeda and Algeria’s GSPC: Part of a Much Bigger Picture

The decision of the leaders of Algeria's Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC) to pledge allegiance to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda has been well-covered. The GSPC's proven combat capabilities, willingness to send fighters to Afghanistan, Iraq and other Islamist insurgencies, widespread presence in... MORE

The Danger of Terrorist Black Holes in Southern Africa

On March 13, a South African intelligence official warned that a number of international terrorists may be spending time in South Africa, using the country as a safehaven (South Africa Press Association, March 13). Furthermore, in October 2004, the CIA reportedly identified 29 al-Qaeda leaders... MORE

Nigerian Militants Influencing Election Campaign

A judge in Nigeria on Tuesday rejected jailed Ijaw militant leader Mujahid Dokubo-Asari's bail request, delaying a decision until June, well after the upcoming April 14 and April 21 elections. Only weeks after Asari threatened to kill Federal High Court Judge Peter Olayiwola and his... MORE

Weapons and Tactics of the Somali Insurgency

After being driven from the Somali capital of Mogadishu to the port city of Kismayo by Ethiopian troops in late December, Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed urged "Islamic Courts fighters, supporters and every true Muslim to start an insurgency against the Ethiopian troops in... MORE

The Reconstituted Al-Qaeda Threat in the Maghreb

In the first week of January 2007, the Moroccan government announced the dismantling of an alleged 62-person terrorist cell (Gulf Times, January 5). According to statements made by the government, this cell had "ideological links with and financial and logistical support for international terrorist groups"... MORE

Islamist Infiltration of the Moroccan Armed Forces

At the end of July 2006, Moroccan authorities dismantled Ansar al-Mahdi, a previously unknown terrorist group, and made initial arrests of 44 people. The number of arrestees later grew to 56 and spanned multiple cities in northern Morocco. The group itself was unique and included... MORE