Muhyadin Ahmed Roble

Muhyadin Ahmed Roble is a Somali journalist who writes for SomaliaReport and AfricaNews as a correspondent based in Nairobi.

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Articles by Muhyadin Ahmed Roble

Al-Shabaab: On the Back Foot but Still Dangerous

As the Islamic State and Boko Haram expanded rapidly throughout 2014, gaining territory and power in the Middle East and West Africa respectively, al-Qaeda’s Somali affiliate al-Shabaab was on the

Somalia’s al-Shabaab Movement Turns on Itself

Once strong and united, Somalia’s al-Shabaab militant group is on the brink of self-destruction following a multi-year power struggle and the development of internal divisions within its leadership. At present,

Mogadishu’s Dilemma: Who’s in Control?

Over the past two years, Somalia’s fragile security has improved slightly following the retreat of the al-Qaeda-associated insurgent group al-Shabaab from the Somali capital of Mogadishu and other urban areas