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Basavaraj: Inside the Mind of India’s Top Maoist Militant

In India, which has a sizable tribal population, the Maoist movement has become firmly established over the last several decades due to socioeconomic circumstances, such as India’s wealth disparities, unemployment level, and exploitation of natural resources. Following a schism among the Communist Party of India... MORE

Russian Energy Policy Wriggles Under a Hard Ceiling

The enforcement of the price ceiling for Russian oil transported by sea enacted on December 5 is not a surprise, as this measure was being discussed by the Unites States and its key partners as early as September 2022. It is, nevertheless, important proof of... MORE

ISKP’s Evolving Propaganda Against Chinese Imperialism

Following trends of heightened U.S-China great power competition, the narratives of global jihadist groups are morphing simultaneously. After 9/11, the U.S was at the receiving end of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS)’s propaganda. However, in the context of the U.S-China global rivalry, the Islamic... MORE