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Bahrain Remains Powder Keg for Iranian Proxy Conflict Brian M. Perkins Iranian involvement in the most prominent conflicts in the Middle East—particularly in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon—has dominated international headlines over the past several years while overshadowing Tehran’s hand in the smoldering, low-intensity conflict in... MORE

Daud Mehsud—Islamic State Names First Emir of Wilayat-e-Pakistan

One of the most recent developments related to Islamic State’s (IS) activities in South Asia was the announcement of two new wilayat (governorates)—Wilayat-e-Hind and Wilayat-e-Pakistan (See Terrorism Monitor, July 3). The announcements were made by IS’ media wing after the concerted Easter Day suicide attacks... MORE

China Focuses on Iran after CPEC Setbacks in Pakistan

Introduction At the end of August, Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIN) Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif visited Beijing for what appeared to be a routine visit. However, soon after the visit, it was reported in the media that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) had agreed... MORE

Al-Qaeda-Linked Group HUJI-B Attempts to Regroup in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Islamist landscape unexpectedly expanded with a reported resurgence of al-Qaeda-linked Harkat-ul Jihad al-Islami-Bangladesh (HUJI-B—Movement of Islamic Holy War-Bangladesh) terrorist group, which has been lying dormant for over a decade. On October 2, Dhaka police arrested three senior HuJI-B operatives from the Khilgaon area of... MORE

Central Asian Perspectives of the Tsentr 2019 Military Exercises

Tsentr 2019, this year’s largest Russian strategic-operational exercise, involving both Russian troops and seven regional allies and partners, was a highly promoted event by Russia’s state-owned news outlets. According to Sputnik News, the maneuvers (September 16–21) “demonstrated to the world the unprecedented defensive capabilities of... MORE