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Russia Determined to Take Over Moldova or Break It (Part One)

Executive Summary: Leaders of Moldova’s Russophile parties recently launched a new political bloc at a congress in Moscow, heavily covered by Russian state media. The Kremlin aims to replace Moldova’s Western-oriented leadership with one loyal to Russia, ruling out the former model of Moldova balancing... MORE

Belarusians Caught Between Competing Political Visions

Executive Summary: Belarusians find themselves torn between two conflicting national agendas—one upheld by the state apparatus and the other championed by the opposition, many of whom are either exiled or imprisoned. The leaders of both political camps are exacerbating Belarus’s polarized political environment, alienating Belarusians... MORE

Putin Touts Incompatible Contradictions

Executive Summary: The contradictions between Russian President Vladimir Putin's rhetoric and the realities of everyday life in Russia—including the promises of economic and social stability—have become more evident since his "election" victory.  Putin routinely boasts of significant economic and demographic growth, despite the fact that... MORE

Belarus Begins Mobilizing Under Guise of Military Exercises

Executive Summary: Belarus tightened its mobilization legislation in April, suggesting that it might be taking steps to prepare for direct combat. The Belarusian military is simultaneously increasing its use of military equipment under the guise of exercises, purchasing more drones, and staffing brigades to wartime... MORE

Updated ILO Forced Labor Guidelines Directly Target Uyghur Forced Labor

Executive Summary: For first time since establishing its forced labor taskforce in 2001, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has issued authoritative and comprehensive guidance on operationalizing the research and measurement of forced labor, updating its more provisional guidelines from 2012. The new ILO Handbook adds... MORE

Chinese Women from the Countryside: Views on Marriage

Executive Summary: Recent data from China shows a decline in fertility rates in the countryside as well as in the cities. This complicates hopes that rural women could alleviate the declining birthrate. Demographic decline is increasingly a concern for policymakers. The population was found to... MORE

China’s Public Memory Management in Kyrgyzstan

Executive Summary: Beijing practices public memory management beyond its borders to neutralize critics by coopting elites and suppressing independent voices. Despite protests, Kyrgyzstan has consistently supported Beijing’s interests, particularly regarding a land transfer and the treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Beijing continues to incentivize ruling... MORE