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Patrushev Says Immigrants Threaten Russia’s Territorial Integrity

Executive Summary: Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev says the influx of immigrants threatens Russia’s social and political stability and, if allowed to continue, could call the country’s territorial integrity into question. Patrushev’s words are stoking xenophobic attitudes in Russia, powering a push for tighter... MORE

Putin Touts Incompatible Contradictions

Executive Summary: The contradictions between Russian President Vladimir Putin's rhetoric and the realities of everyday life in Russia—including the promises of economic and social stability—have become more evident since his "election" victory.  Putin routinely boasts of significant economic and demographic growth, despite the fact that... MORE

PRC Exploitation of Russian Intelligence Networks in Europe

Executive Summary: Russian-cultivated circles overlap with People’s Republic of China (PRC) intelligence networks. These intersections include politicians on both extremes of Europe’s political spectrum, and across countries which include Belgium, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. “Daniel Woo,” a PRC state security officer, is a... MORE

Georgia’s Ruling Elite Encourages Russia and Fights Western Influence

Executive Summary: The Georgian government has again introduced a bill on foreign agents that follows the model of similar Russian legislation, specifically targeting nongovernmental organizations and Western donors. The initiative will play a central role in the approaching October parliamentary elections, as Georgian Dream hopes... MORE

The Russian Opposition After Navalny’s Murder

Executive Summary: Alexei Navalny’s death and the specter of increased hopelessness in Russia’s regions have highlighted growing apathy among the Russian opposition. Supporters of “post-Russia” movements are searching for alternatives to Putin’s Kremlin that differ significantly from the long-standing Moscow-centrist model. The next Kremlin crisis... MORE

Ethnically Non-Russian Formations in Russia’s War on Ukraine: Bashkortostan

Executive Summary: Russia is expanding the number of “volunteer battalions” from non-ethnically Russian regions, especially Bashkortostan. Most battalions are named after Soviet or post-Soviet heroes—likely to prevent inflaming local patriotic (nationalist), anti-Russian, or anti-colonial sentiments in Bashkortostan. Moscow, in legitimizing these formations, is trying to... MORE

Deepfakes with Chinese Characteristics: PRC Influence Operations in 2024

Executive Summary: The PRC’s potential to interfere in elections with deepfakes has been noted, with strategies including creating false narratives around candidates and misleading information on electoral processes. Advanced AI tools could further sophisticate these interference efforts, impacting democratic processes worldwide. Beijing appears to have... MORE