David Cohen

David Cohen was the editor of China Brief in 2013–2014. Before coming to the Jamestown Foundation, he worked as a freelancer in Beijing and the United States, covering Chinese politics, society, and business issues regularly for the Diplomat Magazine. He has also published stories in Foreign Affairs Online, the Lowy Interpreter and the National Interest, among other outlets. He grew up in Los Angeles and speaks Mandarin.

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    Articles by David Cohen

    Reclaiming Deng’s Legacy from Liberals

    Celebrating reform-era leader Deng Xiaoping’s 110th birthday two days early on August 20, China’s leaders sought to harness his legacy for today’s politics by claiming him as a socialist and

    China Examines Military Strategy

    During the start of 2014, China’s official media have, by their own account, been undertaking a reexamination of Chinese military strategy, in response to a call issued by Chinese President

    Chinese Trade-Charm Push Reaches UK and India

    China’s trade-backed charm offensive has reached India and the United Kingdom, as Chinese leaders signed a raft of trade deals with the United Kingdom and a border pact with India