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Kyrgyzstan: Another Central Asian State Whose Army Is Not Combat Ready

By Paul GobleThe countries of Central Asia face challenges from both within and without, but few of them have militaries capable of maintaining domestic order or blocking the invasion of Taliban or Islamic State forces from Afghanistan. Kyrgyzstan’s military is in particularly dire straits. The... MORE

Neo-Paganism Spreading Among Russia’s Neo-Cossacks

By Paul GobleThe spread of neo-paganist cults  is the latest problem to affect the “neo-Cossacks,” as those who have come to identify as Cossacks over the past two decades are known even though they have little or no relationship to the historical Cossack hosts of... MORE

Nemtsov’s March and the Russian Opposition

By Richard ArnoldNearly 50,000 people participated in a memorial march, on Sunday, March 1, in Moscow, for the slain opposition figure Boris Nemtsov (gunned down in a public street on February 27). The march was originally planned by Russian opposition figures, including Nemtsov, to protest... MORE

Amid Escalating Russian Tensions, Lithuania Initiates Civilian Plan of Action

By Natalia KopytnikWhen Putin swiftly snatched Crimea from a bewildered Ukraine in early 2014, a collective shudder passed through the Baltic States—Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. These tiny European countries, with populations smaller than that of New York City, have found themselves wondering if they might... MORE

Another Wave of Pan-Turkism Allegedly on the Rise in Central Asia

By Paul GoblePan-Turkism, the doctrine that all the Turkic peoples of the world should unite in a common state or union to defend their collective interests, has periodically swept through the intellectual communities of Central Asia. The first example was the arrival to the Ferghana... MORE

Surprising Results of Russian Public Opinion Poll on War in Ukraine

By Richard ArnoldThe results of Russian public opinion center VTsIOM’s recent poll, published on February 2, concerning the war in eastern Ukraine make for an interesting read. According to the poll 50 percent of respondents believe the developments in Ukraine should be called a “civil war.”... MORE

Saami Doing Much Better in Norway Than Across the Border in Russia

By Paul GobleMembers of the Saami nationality living in northern Norway are doing far better than their co-ethnics living on the other side of the Russian Federation border near Murmansk. Indeed, the differences between the standard of living of the two groups represents one of... MORE

Russian Internet Freedom Still Threatened, Despite Government Claims

By Risa Chubinsky   Two weeks ago, an anonymous federal source stated that an upcoming meeting of the Security Council was planning to discuss whether or not to develop the internal capabilities to temporarily disconnect Russia from the worldwide web (Vedomosti, September 19). President Putin... MORE