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The Japan Factor

**This is provided to Jamestown subscribers to share the private views of a member of The Jamestown Foundation's Board of Directors. This is not an official Jamestown publication and the views contained herein may not reflect the views of the Foundation.** Japan—and not the United... MORE

Migration Flows—and Not Just Russian Flight—a Problem for Kazakhstan

By Paul GobleAlmost all discussions about migration to and from Kazakhstan focus on the departure of ethnic Russians and other Russian speakers since 1991. This emigration wave has increased the dominance of the titular nationality there. But while the Russian exodus has cost Kazakhstan some... MORE

After Ukraine: Russian Nationalists Return

By Richard ArnoldRussia’s Neo-Nazi racist threat has not been in the news recently, but an attack on January 17 showed that the movement is far from toothless. According to reports, a group of young people burst onto a Moscow metro train at the station Biblioteka... MORE

Russia’s Arctic Militarization: Words Versus Actions

Russia has no plans to militarize the Arctic. At least, that is a according to Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s deputy prime minister charged with overseeing Russia’s defense industry. Speaking in St. Petersburg, on December 7, at the opening of the forum “Arctic: Today and the Future,”... MORE

Signs of Coming Civil Strife in Trans-Baikal Region?

By Richard ArnoldThe Trans-Baikal Region is not generally known for its contentious politics or social disharmonies. But a recent open letter from the Public Chamber of the region to the Russian Orthodox Metropolitan of Chita suggests one could be in the offing. On December 30,... MORE