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Putin Names FSB Officer to be New Ambassador to Belarus

Since 1991, Moscow has generally been careful to send Russian ambassadors with impeccable diplomatic credentials to the post-Soviet states. Nevertheless, many non-Russians have still suspected some of these diplomats of being officers of the Federal Security Service (FSB—one of the main successor agencies of the... MORE

New US Sanctions Dive Into Russian Tech

Only hours after United States President Donald Trump suggested Moscow should be admitted back into the G7, the US Treasury Department levied new sanctions against Russian businesses (, June 11). The latest sanctions include five high-technology companies. Most of them fall under the umbrella of... MORE

Navalny Launches ‘Voters’ Strikes’ Across Russia

On Sunday, January 28, demonstrations and protests organized by Alexei Navalny shook Russia once again, this time calling for what he has called “Voters’ strike” protests. While Navalny’s website claims these protests took place in 118 cities across Russia (, January 28), the authorities counted... MORE

Russian Truckers Declared ‘Foreign Agents’

Following an inspection by the Ministry of Justice, the Russian truckers organization Association of Russian Carriers (Obedinenie Perevozchikov Rossii—OPR) has been declared a “foreign agent.” The organization was originally formed to protest the introduction of the Platon toll system in 2015 (see EDM, November 30,... MORE