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Armenia Supports Its Diaspora Community in War-Torn Syria

In early October, Armenia sent two planes of humanitarian aid to Syria, which is suffering a new stage of escalation in its more-than-five-year-long crisis. Under the immediate instruction of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, nearly 40 tons of goods were transported to Khmeimim airbase, near Latakia... MORE

Angry Krasnodar Farmers Write Open Letter to Putin

The saga continues for farmers in Krasnodar protesting corruption in their region and the unfair distribution of land. The farmers originally planned to caravan to Moscow but were intercepted by a delegate sent from the federal government who promised to address their complaints (see EDM,... MORE

Brexit and Baltic Security—320,000 Balts May Have to Go Home

Many have speculated that the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union will have negative consequences for the countries of Eastern Europe in general and the Baltic States in particular because London—hitherto one of the most outspoken defenders of those countries—will no longer be... MORE

Is It Time for an Updated ‘Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations?’

The strength and longevity of the West’s anti-Communist effort during the Cold War rested on two alliances that no longer exist. The first was the alliance between those committed to democracy and freedom and those committed to free market capitalism; the second linked together those... MORE

The South China Sea: An Inside Story

**This is provided to Jamestown subscribers to share the private views of a member of The Jamestown Foundation's Board of Directors. This is not an official Jamestown publication and the views contained herein may not reflect the views of the Foundation.** This is not titled... MORE

Putin’s ‘Hybrid War’ Against Russia’s Smallest Nationalities

By Paul GobleMoscow’s approach to the country’s smallest non-Russian nationalities has historically been measured by the opening and closing of schools, the level of support for non-Russian language institutions, the share of officials from indigenous nationalities in key positions, and so on. Over the past... MORE

Ethnic Balance Shifting Against Moscow East of the Urals

By Paul Goble In Soviet times, the predominantly Russian Slavic share of the population east of the Urals rose to 80 percent, overwhelming the non-Russians there and ensuring Moscow’s control. This eastward migration of Slavs came about both as a result of state coercion under... MORE

Volga Tatars in Iran Being Turkmenified

By Paul GobleMany observers are aware that ethnic Azerbaijanis constitute more than a quarter of the population of Iran, but fewer have taken note of the fact that other Turkic groups from the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation are present in... MORE