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Russian Truckers Declared ‘Foreign Agents’

Following an inspection by the Ministry of Justice, the Russian truckers organization Association of Russian Carriers (Obedinenie Perevozchikov Rossii—OPR) has been declared a “foreign agent.” The organization was originally formed to protest the introduction of the Platon toll system in 2015 (see EDM, November 30,... MORE

Why Does Kyrgyzstan Want a Second Russian Military Base?

Kyrgyzstan has had a Russian military base on its territory since handing over the Kant airfield to Moscow in 2003. And now it wants a second one. The Kyrgyz Republic’s president, Almazbek Atambayev, says that he would not be disturbed by having one and has even... MORE

Kaliningrad Separatism Again on the Rise

Kaliningrad oblast, the non-contiguous part of the Russian Federation that Joseph Stalin formed after annexing much of German East Prussia at the end of World War II, has often been a hotbed of separatism since the end of the Soviet Union. In part, this is... MORE

Armenia’s Hands Are Tied Regarding Russian Arms Sales to Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense reported, on July 10, on a new batch of military equipment and ammunition purchased from Russia (, July 10). The projectiles, rockets and other military equipment are being shipped to Azerbaijan under the bilateral agreement on military-technical cooperation. Initially, Russia... MORE

The Devolution of Russian Federalism

Twenty-five years ago, on March 31, 1992, the Federative Treaty on the division of powers between the federal center and the Russian regions was signed in Moscow. This event was considered state-forming at that time. However, in Russia today, almost nobody remembers it. Three months... MORE