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The Water Factor in the Karabakh Conflict

On the morning of October 22, Armenian forces fired SCUD missile at various locations inside Azerbaijan, including the city of Gabala, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported (,, October 22). Gabala is an important hub along the Oguz–Gabala–Baku water pipeline, which was built... MORE

Belarusian President Holds Surprise Inauguration

Today, September 23, Alyaksandr Lukashenka was officially inaugurated to his sixth consecutive term as president of Belarus. The ceremony took place at the Palace of Independence with about 700 guests representing the executive and legislative branches of the government, regional administrations, the government-run media, as... MORE

The Mercenaries Behind Russian Operations in Africa

On October 24, Russia concluded its Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi, seeking to deepen Moscow’s relations with the continent. Notably, security cooperation formed a key component of the agenda (, October 24). However, Russian security operations in Africa prove more nuanced, as Russia deploys private military... MORE