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Non-Russians Are Following Ethnic Russians Out of the North Caucasus

By Paul GobleThe flight of ethnic-Russians from the republics of the North Caucasus over the last two decades has not only attracted widespread attention but also generated concern among officials in Moscow (see EDM, November 10, 2011; October 30, 2012; April 22, 2015). Federal authorities view ethnic Russians... MORE

Turkish-Kurdish Clashes Raise Security Concerns in the South Caucasus

By Erik DavtyanThe governmental crisis and military operations of the Turkish Army against Kurdish forces has not only threatened the internal situation in Turkey, but is increasingly having a destabilizing effect on neighboring countries as well. Considering the wide geographic extent inhabited by the region’s... MORE

Moscow Losing Siberia to China, Commentator Says

By Paul GobleThe willingness of Russian officials to rent land in the Transbaikal region to China (see EDM, June 24) gives Beijing control over a choke point that it could use to block Moscow’s access to the Russian Far East. And as Russian commentator Oleg Lusenko... MORE

Moscow Massively Funding Pro-Russian NGOs in Baltic Countries

By Paul GobleThe Kremlin’s sweeping crackdown on non-governmental organizations (NGO) in the Russian Federation reflects its belief that such entities inevitably work for foreign governments if they receive foreign funding. And that belief is underscored by its own behavior: At the present time, the Russian... MORE

Armenia’s Perspectives on the Iranian Nuclear Deal

By Erik DavtyanOn July 14, after a long period of tense and complicated negotiations, the “P5+1” group—the United States, Russia, France, China, the United Kingdom and Germany—reached a historical deal with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. The nuclear deal will have both global... MORE

Russia’s Border Marking in Georgia Is Part of Broader Strategy

By George TsereteliOver the past two weeks the issue of Georgia’s so-called “border” with the Russian-occupied breakaway region of South Ossetia has again garnered attention. As reported by multiple sources and eyewitnesses, on July 10, Russian troops placed border markers even further into Georgian territory,... MORE

Russia Bets on China: Picking the Wrong Horse in the Short Term and Long

By Paul GobleRussians are waking up to the fact that Vladimir Putin’s much-ballyhooed “turn” to China is not bringing Russia the benefits he promised or that they expected. Not only has Beijing refused to tow Moscow’s line on a variety of international issues at the... MORE