In a Fortnight

Xi Jinping and the ‘Other’ China

At the end of May, China held its annual Chinese Poverty Alleviation International Forum (中国扶贫国际论坛), which serves to draw attention to Chinese achievements in this area (Xinhua, May 26). Poverty alleviation is likely to remain a key theme in state media as China prepares for... MORE

Strategic Assessment: China’s Northern Theater Command

At the end of April, China’s Defense Ministry announced it would be conducting “live fire drills” near the border with North Korea (MOD, April 27). This followed weeks of rumors that the PLA was deploying in large numbers close to the Korean peninsula, which the... MORE

Philippines Choose Chinese Investment Over Territorial Defense

In early April, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made waves by promising to improve Philippine defenses on islands in the South China Sea. “We have to fortify. I must build bunkers there or houses and make provisions for habitation.” Renovation and expansion of facilities on Paga-Asa... MORE

Refugees Flee into Yunnan After Renewed Violence Along Myanmar Border

Violence along China’s border with Myanmar is threatening yet again to spill across into Yunnan Province. According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than 20,000 refugees have fled into Yunnan after renewed fighting between the Kachin Independence Army and Myanmar’s Armed Forces (Tatmadaw).... MORE

Snapshot: China’s Eastern Theater Command

Delivering his work report to the National People’s Congress, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang noted that “the Chinese mainland will resolutely oppose and contain ‘Taiwan independence separatist activities’” (“台独”分裂活动) (Xinhua, March 5). [1] President Xi Jinping, however, was even more explicit in early November 2016, when... MORE

Food Security and Chinese “Comprehensive National Security”

On February 6, China published “Central Document No. 1”, its annual statement of agricultural policy. Two weeks later, on February 20, China's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) announced that it will begin its annual moratorium on fishing starting on May 1 (MOA, February 20). Though on... MORE

Chinese Acquisitions Undercut Taiwan, U.S. Semiconductor Industry Edge

China’s central Party leadership recognizes that the Chinese economy must shift away from light manufacturing and intermediate goods like steel to higher value-added manufacturing.  In July 2016 the Chinese State Council Information Office published the “National Informatization Development Strategy Outline” (国家信息化发展战略纲要), laying out the central... MORE

Special Issue: Sino-Indian Relations

As Editor I have the pleasure of introducing our special issue on Sino-Indian Relations. The issue brings together a number of top China-watchers to examine the current security situation between the two countries. The world’s two largest countries face each other across a long, complex... MORE

Carrier Operations on Display in the Bohai Gulf

On December 15, the Chinese Navy put its first carrier, the Liaoning, through its paces in the Bohai gulf (渤海) near Tianjin and conducted its first exercise with live ammunition (CCTV, December 16). The ship’s complement of J-15 aircraft also carried out a series of... MORE