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Facing Up to China’s Military Interests in the Arctic

Introduction China’s military ambitions in the Arctic, and its growing strategic partnership with Russia, have rung alarm bells in many governments. In May 2019, for the first time, the U.S. Department of Defense annual report on China’s military capabilities had a section on China’s military... MORE

Moldovan Government Losing Grasp Over Transnistrian Negotiations

Moldovan President Igor Dodon had an informal meeting, on November 3, with Vadim Krasnoselsky, the leader of the Russia-backed separatist region of Transnistria (, November 4). Dodon is a pro-Russian politician and the de facto leader of Moldova’s Socialist Party (PSRM). The two reportedly met,... MORE

Testing Belarus’s Character From Inside and Out

A battalion of United States military forces has arrived at a training area in Pabrade, Lithuania, 15 kilometers from the Belarusian border. The 1st Armored Battalion of the 9th Regiment brought 30 Abrams main battle tanks, 25 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles and 70 wheeled vehicles.... MORE

The Factors Driving Change in Belarus’s International Relations

Perhaps for only the second time ever, sharper criticism of Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has been emanating from Russia than from his domestic opposition. A somewhat similar situation took place in the summer and autumn of 2010, when the three-part Godfather documentary castigating Lukashenka was... MORE

Russia Ponders the Burden of Its ‘Victory’ in Syria

The memorandum of understanding on Syria signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in Sochi, on October 22, was seen as a triumph in Moscow (see EDM, October 24); but the jubilation evaporated in a matter of days. The Kremlin... MORE