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How the CCP Mobilized a Cross-Border Disinformation Campaign Against the Czech Senate Speaker

Introduction: Propaganda and Disinformation Recent events in the Czech Republic (CR) offer an interesting case study in Chinese propaganda and disinformation. For the purpose of this article, the distinction between propaganda and disinformation is understood to be the following: Propaganda creates a strategic, mostly positive... MORE

Russian Government Moves to Assert Increasing Control Over Internet

Amidst growing political dissatisfaction, the Russian government is grappling with the apparent vulnerabilities of the country’s internet. On February 1, Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairperson of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, acknowledged during an extensive interview with Russian media what foreign analysts have... MORE

The Increasing Role of Azerbaijan as a Regional Digital Hub

On April 10, the Azerbaijani parliament ratified and President Ilham Aliyev approved a law for laying a trans-Caspian fiber-optic cable across the bottom of the Caspian Sea between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan (, April 10). The initial interstate agreement—“On the Organization of Activities by Communications Operators... MORE

Georgia Targeted by Most Powerful Cyberattack in Its History

The Georgian authorities, with the help of their colleagues from the United States and Europe, are investigating a powerful cyberattack that struck the South Caucasus country on October 28. Experts say that the latest cyberattack was much more powerful than the one Georgia experienced in... MORE