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The Jamestown Foundation’s mission is to inform and educate policy makers and the broader community about events and trends in those societies which are strategically or tactically important to the United States and which frequently restrict access to such information. Utilizing indigenous and primary sources, Jamestown’s material is delivered without political bias, filter or agenda. It is often the only source of information which should be, but is not always, available through official or intelligence channels, especially in regard to Eurasia and terrorism.


The Jamestown Foundation’s main publications are China Brief, Eurasia Daily Monitor and Terrorism Monitor. Click on the map below to explore them.

About Us



Founded in 1984 by William Geimer, The Jamestown Foundation made a direct contribution to the downfall of Communism through its dissemination of information about the closed totalitarian societies of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

William Geimer worked with Arkady Shevchenko, the highest-ranking Soviet official ever to defect when he left his position as undersecretary general of the United Nations. Shevchenko’s memoir “Breaking With Moscow” revealed the details of Soviet superpower diplomacy, arms control strategy and tactics in the Third World, at the height of the Cold War. Through its work with Shevchenko, Jamestown rapidly became the leading source of information about the inner workings of the captive nations of the former Communist Bloc. In addition to Shevchenko, Jamestown assisted the former top Romanian intelligence officer Ion Pacepa in writing his memoirs. Jamestown ensured that both men published their insights and experience in what became bestselling books. Even today, several decades later, some credit Pacepa’s revelations about Ceausescu’s regime in his bestselling book Red Horizons with the fall of that government and the freeing of Romania.

The Jamestown Foundation has emerged as a leading provider of information about Eurasia. Our research and analysis on conflict and instability in Eurasia enabled Jamestown to become one of the most reliable sources of information on the post-Soviet space, the Caucasus and Central Asia as well as China. Furthermore, since 9/11, Jamestown has utilized its network of indigenous experts in more than 50 different countries to conduct research and analysis on terrorism and the growth of al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda offshoots throughout the globe.

By drawing on our ever-growing global network of experts, Jamestown has become a vital source of unfiltered, open-source information about major conflict zones around the world—from the Black Sea to Siberia, from the Persian Gulf to Latin America and the Pacific. Our core of intellectual talent includes former high-ranking government officials and military officers, political scientists, journalists, scholars and economists. Their insight contributes significantly to policymakers engaged in addressing today’s newly emerging global threats in the post 9/11 world.


Nikolai Getman: The Gulag Collection

In 1946, an artist named Nikolai Getman was imprisoned in the Soviet Union’s GULAG, a system of forced labor camps across Siberia and the interior of the USSR. Upon his release in 1954, Getman commenced a public career as a politically correct painter. Secretly, however, for more than four decades, Getman labored at creating a visual record of the GULAG, which vividly depicts all aspects of the horrendous life (and death) so many innocent millions experienced during that infamous era. Getman’s collection is unique because it is the only visual record known to exist of this tragic phenomenon. In early 1997, The Jamestown Foundation learned of The Gulag Collection and that Getman was desperate to get the painting transported to the West; he feared that upon his death they would be destroyed. With the financial support of Jim Kimsey, The Jamestown Foundation brought the paintings to the United States, where in 1997 they were put on display in the U.S. Congress. The Collection remained with Jamestown until 2009, when it was permanently transferred to the Heritage Foundation, where it resides today (heritage.org).


Jean-pierre Cabestan

Jean-Pierre Cabestan is a Senior Researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research.

Rusen Cakir

Rusen Cakir is a senior correspondent for the Turkish daily Vatan and has contributed to various other media outlets, such as Milliyet and CNN-Turk.

John Calabrese

Dr. John Calabrese teaches U.S. foreign policy at American University in Washington, DC. He also serves as a Scholar in Residence at the Middle East... MORE

Alex Calvo

Alex Calvo is a Professor of International Relations and International University in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

Alvin Camba

Alvin A. Camba is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University, and a non-resident fellow at the Alberto Del Rosario... MORE

Alicia J. Campi

Dr. Alicia Campi has a Ph.D. in Mongolian Studies, was involved in the preliminary negotiations to establish bilateral relations in the 1980s, and served as... MORE

Sertaç Canalp Korkmaz

Sertaç Canalp Korkmaz is Ph.D. candidate with the Turkish National Police Academy and an analyst on failed states, Afghanistan and terrorism affairs.

Ömer Faruk Cantenar

Ömer Faruk Cantenar is currently enrolled in the International War Studies Program at the University of Potsdam. He retired from the Turkish Army in 2017. He commanded the... MORE

Leah Caprice

Leah (Kimmerly) Caprice is a Research Analyst at Defense Group Inc.’s Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis.

Alexandria Caputo

Alexandria Caputo is to obtain her Masters degree in International Security at Charles University in Prague.

Ludovico Carlino

Ludovico Carlino is a Middle East and North Africa analyst at IHS Country Risk specializing in jihadist movements across the region. His articles have been... MORE

Kevin Carrico

Kevin Carrico is Lecturer in Chinese Studies at Macquarie University and the author of The Great Han: Race, Nationalism, and Tradition in China Today.

Joseph Carrigan

Joseph Carrigan, a commander in the U.S. Navy, graduated with highest distinction from the U.S. Naval War College in June. He will assume command of... MORE

Thomas Patrick Carroll

Mr. Carroll is a former officer in the Clandestine Service of the CIA and currently on the editorial board of the Middle East Intelligence Bulletin.

Eve Cary

Eve Cary graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Masters in Asian Studies, with a focus on China. Her research focuses on Chinese domestic... MORE

Michael Caster

Michael Caster is a researcher, writer, and human rights advocate. He holds an MA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights, specializing in civil resistance and... MORE

Adam Cathcart

Adam Cathcart is Lecturer in Chinese History at the University of Leeds (UK). He has presented policy papers on North Korea’s northern border regions to... MORE

Mitat Çelikpala

Dr. Mitat Çelikpala is Professor of International Relations and the Dean of Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences at Kadir Has University, Istanbul. He... MORE

Peter Chalk

Peter Chalk is an analyst at RAND specializing in South East Asia, international terrorism and emerging threats.

Harold Chambers

Harold Chambers is a researcher on the Caucasus, focusing on nationalities and security issues. Mr. Chambers graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in Russian... MORE

Alfred Chan

Alfred L. Chan is an associate professor of political science at Huron University College, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Kam Wing Chan

Kam Wing Chan is Professor of Geography at the University of Washington. He is the author of Cities with Invisible Walls: Reinterpreting Urbanization in Post-1949... MORE

Gordon G. Chang

Gordon G. Chang is the author of Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World. Follow him on Twitter @GordonGChang.

Parris Chang

Parris H. Chang, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Pennsylvania State University and President of Taiwan Institute for Political Economic and Strategic Studies.... MORE

I-wei Jennifer Chang

I-wei Jennifer Chang is a Washington, DC-based writer and researcher on international relations and China.

Amy Chang

Amy Chang is the Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee Staff Director at the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs. Previously, she was the... MORE

Brian Chao

Brian C. Chao is Research Associate for East Asia in DGI and Researcher at the Asia-Pacific Desk for Wikistrat. Mr. Chao took his A.B. in... MORE

Michael S. Chase

Michael S. Chase is a senior political scientist at RAND, a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and an adjunct professor in the China... MORE

Matthew Chebatoris

Matthew Chebatoris is a freelance analyst and 12-year veteran of the U.S. intelligence community.

Beka Chedia

Dr. Beka Chedia is a political scientist from Tbilisi, Georgia. He is currently a professor of political science and a Tbilisi-based Country Expert (Georgia) for... MORE

Oksana Chelysheva

Oksana Chelysheva is the deputy executive manager of the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society.

Zhenzhen Chen

Zhenzhen Chen is a researcher with the Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Study.

York W. Chen

York W. Chen, Ph.D., received his graduate degree from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. He was one of the Senior Advisors of Taiwan’s National Security Council... MORE

David Chen

David D. Chen is an analyst at CENTRA Technology, Inc., a consulting firm. The views expressed here are his own. He also serves on the... MORE

Emily S. Chen

Emily S. Chen is a Silas Palmer Fellow with the Hoover Institution, a Young Leader with the Pacific Forum CSIS, and a Non-Resident Fellow with... MORE

John Chen

John Chen is a research intern at the National Defense University. The author would like to thank Dr. Phillip C. Saunders, Dr. Joel Wuthnow, David... MORE

Julie Yu-Wen Chen

Julie Yu-Wen Chen is Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Helsinki in Finland, Hosting Professor of Asian Studies at Palacký University in Czech... MORE

Elizabeth Chen

Elizabeth Chen is the editor for the Jamestown Foundation's China Brief. Previously, she worked for a number of organizations in the U.S.-China policy space, to... MORE

Yinghong Cheng

Yinghong Cheng, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of history at Delaware State University. Cheng has studied at the Chinese Academy of Social Science and received... MORE

Joseph Y.S. Cheng

Joseph Yu-shek Cheng is a retired Professor of Political Science and the Coordinator of the Contemporary China Research Project, City University of Hong Kong. He... MORE

Tai Ming Cheung

Tai Ming Cheung is a research fellow at the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California, San Diego.

Yee Wah Chin

Yee Wah Chin is Senior Counsel in the Washington, D.C. office of Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, PC. Ms. Chin served on the... MORE

Frank Ching

Mr. Frank Ching is a Hong Kong based journalist and commentator.

Elena Chinyaeva

Elena Chinyaeva holds a doctorate in modern history from Oxford University and is a writer for Kommersant-Vlast, a leading Russian political weekly.

Fuad Chiragov

Fuad Chiragov is a researcher based in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Zaindi Choltaev

Zaindi Choltaev, a Chechen political analyst, served in the 1990s as deputy foreign minister and Chairman of the Administration in the Provisional State Council of... MORE

Jaewoo Choo

Jaewoo Choo is professor of Chinese foreign policy in the Department of Chinese Studies at Kyung Hee University, Korea. He was a Visiting Fellow at... MORE

Pierre-arnaud Chouvy

Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy, PhD, is a Geographer and Research Fellow at CNRS (France). He specializes in the geopolitics of illicit drugs with a particular focus on... MORE

Mark Christopher

Mark A. Christopher is Senior Director at the Arkin Group and is the author of Water Wars, which describes issues with regard to the Brahmaputra... MORE

Shulong Chu

Chu Shulong, Ph.D., is currently a professor in political science and international relations at the School of Public Policy and Management, and deputy director, Institute... MORE

Andrew Chubb

Andrew Chubb is a PhD student at the University of Western Australia, researching the relationship between Chinese nationalism, public opinion and policy on maritime disputes... MORE

Abdou Cisse

Abdou Cisse is a Senegalese journalist now focusing on jihadism in Senegal and West Africa.

Horia Ciurtin

Horia Ciurtin is Associate Expert for New Strategy Center (Bucharest, Romania), Research Fellow for the European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration (Brussels, Belgium), as... MORE

Michael Clarke

Dr. Michael Clarke is Associate Professor at the National Security College, Australian National University. He is the author of Xinjiang and China’s Rise in Central... MORE

Marcus Clay

Dr. Marcus Clay is an analyst with the U.S. Air Force’s China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI). Any views expressed are those of the author, and... MORE

Morgan Clemens

Morgan Clemens is a Research Associate at DGI, where his work focuses on the Chinese armed forces and defense industry. He has studied in China... MORE

Robert Cobb

Robert Cobb is an expert on Russia and the post-Soviet space.

David Cohen

David Cohen was the editor of China Brief in 2013–2014. Before coming to the Jamestown Foundation, he worked as a freelancer in Beijing and the... MORE

Bernard D. Cole

Dr. Bernard D. Cole is Professor of International History at the National War College in Washington, D.C., where he concentrates on Pacific strategy, Sino-American relations,... MORE

J. Michael Cole

J. Michael Cole is a Taipei-based Senior Non-Resident Fellow with the China Policy Institute at University of Nottingham, and an Associate Researcher at the French... MORE

Gabe Collins

Gabe Collins is the co-founder of China SignPost™ (www.chinasignpost.com), a website that provides original research and policy advice to policymakers, the business community, and other... MORE

William Combes

William Combes is a retired US Navy officer who currently works at the Baltic Defense College, in Tartu, Estonia.

Meghan Conroy

Alden Wahlstrom is a Program Associate for Jamestown's Global Terrorism Analysis program and assists with editing the Terrorism Monitor and Militant Leadership Monitor publications. He... MORE

Ian Conway

Ian Conway manages Helios Global, Inc., an international security consultancy based in the Washington, DC area.

Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook is an Asia Research Analyst at Freedom House and co-editor of the English translation of Gao Zhisheng’s memoir, A China More Just.

Terry Cooke

Merritt T. (‘Terry’) Cooke, Ph.D., is the principal of www.terrycooke.com, a professional speaking and corporate seminar/scenario enterprise. He is also Founder and Chairman of GC3... MORE

Casey L. Coombs

After reporting from UN headquarters in New York during the Arab Spring, Casey moved to Yemen to cover the country’s post-conflict reconstruction process. Casey’s first... MORE

John F. Copper

John F. Copper is the Stanley J. Buckman Professor of International Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

John F. Corbett

John F. Corbett, Jr., an Analytic Director with CENTRA Technology, Inc. since 2001, specializes in China, Taiwan, and Asian military and security issues. He is... MORE

Gordon Corera

Gordon Corera is the BBC's Security Correspondent

Svante E. Cornell

Dr. Svante E. Cornell is Research Director of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at Johns Hopkins University-SAIS.

Steven Costello

Steven Costello is a freelance writer who has worked in various developing countries, including South Sudan, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania. He holds an MSc in... MORE

John Costello

John Costello is a Senior Analyst for Cyber and East Asia at Flashpoint. He is a Cybersecurity Fellow for New America and former Congressional Innovation... MORE

Johanna Cox

Johanna Cox is a Research Associate at the Defense Group Inc.’s Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis.

Dan G. Cox

Dan G. Cox is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the United States Army School of Advanced Military Studies, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Josie Coyle

Josie Coyle is an honors undergraduate researcher at Western Kentucky University, with majors in International Affairs and Chinese.

Jeffrey Cozzens

Jeffrey Cozzens is Head of Areté Associates’ Terrorism Studies and Analysis Program, a research-based arm of Areté’s National Security Studies and Analysis Program, and is... MORE

Dario Cristiani

Dario Cristiani is a Senior Fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMFUS) in Washington D.C., working on Italian foreign policy, Mediterranean... MORE

Matthew Czekaj

Matthew Czekaj is Managing Editor at the Middle East Institute, in Washington, DC. Until July 2022, he served as the Editor-in-Chief of The Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia... MORE