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Ukraine Takes the War Deep Into Russia

Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military philosopher, was rarely studied in Soviet military academies, but the Ukrainian high command—seeking to “win first and start fighting after”—appears to be taking a page out of his treatise, The Art of War. Naturally, the intentions for a spring... MORE

Bringing Russia Back From the Cold at Ukraine’s Expense (Part Two)

*Read Part One here. Another proposal for an armistice-in-place cutting across Ukraine’s territory has been aired for discussion, this time, from the Council on Foreign Relations (Foreign Affairs, April 13). Politically, these proposals imply rehabilitating Russia as a partner in negotiations with the West (Moscow’s... MORE

Moscow Fears Russian Fleet Could Be Incapacitated by Drones

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expanded invasion of Ukraine has become “a war of drones,” according to many observers in Russia and the West, with both sides using these unmanned vehicles to inflict damage on the other (, June 1). Up to now, most attention has... MORE

Will France’s China Gamble Endanger Transatlantic Ties?

Introduction In April, French President Emmanuel Macron made a state visit to China. During Macron’s visit, the two sides signed a Sino-French joint statement that identified 51 priority areas for deepening cooperation, both bilaterally and through the EU (PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs [FMPRC], April... MORE

The Nuclear Sequence of the Belgorod Raid

The hit-and-run raid by anti-Putin Russian operatives—Kyiv officially claims that the raid was conducted by combatant units made up of Russian citizens, while Moscow claims it was the work of Ukrainian-supported “terrorists”—in the Belgorod region took place only several kilometers away from one of 12... MORE