Aleksandr Golts

Aleksandr Golts was born in 1955. In 1978, he received an M.A. in journalism from the Department of Journalism at the Moscow State Lomonosov University. From 1980 until 1996, he worked with the “Krasnaya Zvezda” (“Red Star”) editorial board, a Soviet and then Russian military daily based in Moscow. In 1996-2001, Mr. Golts served as military editor of “Itogi” (Moscow), a premier Russian news magazine. In 2001-2004, he worked for the Moscow-based magazine “Yezhenedelnyi Journal” (“Weekly”) as deputy editor-in-chief. He currently works as a deputy editor for the website

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    One of the distinctive features of a highly militaristic state is that it is ready to propose a military response to any challenge. While addressing the Federal Assembly (upper chamber

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    When it comes to manning within the Russian Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin is contradicting his own generals, and he has even begun to contradict himself. On October 24, the Russian

    The Russian Army Suffers Deficit in Officers

    A special session of top officials in charge of personnel matters within the Russian Armed Forces took place in Moscow, on February 2. As is traditional for such conclaves, the

    Russia Returning to Concept of Mass Mobilization

    A snap inspection in late August, involving three military districts and the Northern Fleet, as well as the subsequent strategic exercise Kavkaz 2016, held in southwestern Russia on September 5–10