Michael Taarnby

Michael Taarnby is a research fellow at the Danish Institute for International Studies with a specialization in political and militant Islamism.

Ariane Tabatabai

Ariane Tabatabai is the Director of Curriculum and an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Security Studies Program at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service... MORE

Otto Tabuns

Otto Tabuns is the director of the Baltic Security Foundation. He is a lecturer at the Riga Graduate School of Law and most recently has... MORE

Todor Tagarev

Todor Tagarev is a professor at the Institute of Information and Communications Technology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Head of the Center for... MORE

Muhammad Tahir

Muhammad Tahir is currently a Washington Correspondent at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), while in DC, Muhammad mainly covers events relevant to his target region... MORE

Farhat Taj

Farhat Taj is a Ph.D. Research Fellow, University of Oslo and a newspaper columnist in Pakistan. She is the director of the documentary film “Waziristan-... MORE

K. Tristan Tang

K. Tristan Tang is a graduate student at the Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University. He focuses his research on defense economy and China’s... MORE

Alexander Taranov

Alexander Taranov is an expert on Russian military and nuclear affairs.

Tiina Tarvainen

Tiina Tarvainen is a researcher at the Research Group for Conflicts and Terrorism at the University of Turku, Finland.

Camille Tawil

Camille Tawil is an investigative journalist for al-Hayat newspaper in London where he has worked for the past seventeen years. Mr. Tawil joined al-Hayat newspaper... MORE

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor is an Associate Professor in the School of International Relations, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and a Visiting Professor at the University of... MORE

Donald Temple

Donald Temple is a research assistant at the RAND Corporation specializing in national security.

Eric Teo Chu Cheow

Dr Eric Teo Chu Cheow, a business consultant and strategist based in Singapore, is also Council Secretary of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA).

Marta Ter

Marta Ter is a Slavic philologist and holds an M.A. in International Relations, Security and Development. Currently, she is a researcher at Observatorio Eurasia (University... MORE



Tetyana Zhurman

Tetyana Zhurman is a summer 2021 Europe-Eurasia Intern at The Jamestown Foundation and a student at Columbia University.

Udit Thakur

Udit Thakur is a freelance writer and researcher, currently based in Mumbai by way of Washington, DC. He writes on issues of religion, politics, and... MORE

Michal Thim

Michal Thim is a Research Fellow at the Prague-based think-tank Association for International Affairs, a member of CIMSEC, and an Asia-Pacific Desk Contributing Analyst for... MORE

Neil Thomas

Neil Thomas is a Fellow on Chinese Politics at Asia Society Policy Institute’s Center for China Analysis. He was previously a Senior China Analyst at... MORE

Drew Thompson

Drew Thompson is the Director of China Studies and Starr Senior Fellow at The Nixon Center in Washington, DC. He was formerly the National Director... MORE

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is the research and administrative manager at the Brenthurst Foundation.

Devin Thorne

Devin Thorne is a former Senior Analyst at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies (C4ADS) in Washington, DC. All views expressed are his own, and... MORE

John Thorne

John Thorne is a journalist based in Tunis. He has covered North Africa since 2006.

Levi Tillemann

Levi Tillemann is a Ph.D. candidate at Johns Hopkins University SAIS and an associate at Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Levi is currently writing a dissertation... MORE

Eli Tirk

Eli Tirk is a Chinese Language-Enabled Analyst currently working at the SOSi Center for Intelligence, Research, and Analysis (CIRA). His main areas of focus include... MORE

John Tkacik

John Tkacik is Research Fellow in China Policy in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation

Fatima Tlis

Fatima Tlisova is a Human Rights Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Tlisova is an independent journalist... MORE

Daniel Tobin

Daniel Tobin is an analyst with the Department of Defense. The views expressed here are solely those of the authors and do not reflect the... MORE

Igor Torbakov

Igor Torbakov is a freelance journalist and researcher who specializes in CIS political affairs. He holds an MA in History from Moscow State University and... MORE

Igor Torbakov

Igor Torbakov is a Senior Researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs in Helsinki. A trained historian, he specializes in Russian and Eurasian history... MORE

Stefano Maria Torelli

Stefano Maria Torelli, Ph.D., is a Research Fellow at the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) and a member of the Italian Centre for the... MORE

Jacob Townsend

Jacob Townsend has been a consultant to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Central Asia, Afghanistan and the Asia-Pacific. He is currently... MORE

Tetiana Tretiak

Tetiana Tretiak is an independent Ukrainian economic and political analyst.

Patrick Triglavcanin

Patrick Triglavcanin is a Master's researcher and freelance writer and researcher. He has previously written for China Brief, the China Story, Fabian Society and Future... MORE

Sergei Troush

Dr. Sergei Troush is the Senior Fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. He is specializing in China's foreign and domestic politics, China's energy... MORE

Michael M. Tsai

Michael M. Tsai, Ph.D., served in the government of Taiwan as the minister of national defense, deputy secretary-general of the National Security Council and deputy... MORE

Mamuka Tsereteli

Dr. Mamuka Tsereteli is an assistant professor at the School of International Service. He teaches classes on International Relations of Russia and Central Eurasia, Energy... MORE

Kevin Jianjun Tu

Kevin Jianjun Tu is a senior advisor at Agora Energiewende, an adjunct professor at the School of Environment of Beijing Normal University, and a non-resident... MORE

Paul Tumelty

Paul Tumelty is a researcher specializing in the Russian North Caucasus, the Caucasus and Central Asia. He holds an MPhil in Russian and East European... MORE

Aybeniz Turan

Aybeniz Turan is an expert on the South Caucasus and an analyst for The Jamestown Foundation.

Jennifer L. Turner

Dr. Jennifer L. Turner has directed the China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars since 1999. In addition to editing the... MORE

Jennifer M. Turner

Jennifer M. Turner is a graduate student in China Studies at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. She previously served as a Navy civilian... MORE

Grant W. Turner

Grant W. Turner is currently interning with CEPA’s Transatlantic Security and Defense program, is a research assistant at The Yorktown Institute, a regular contributor for... MORE

John Ty Grubbs

John Ty Grubbs served as a Human Terrain Analyst in Khost and Paktia in 2011. He previously worked for the Joint IED Defeat Organization and... MORE