Zaur Shiriyev

Zaur Shiriyev is an Academy Associate at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in London. He was a senior research fellow at ADA University, Baku, where he worked until May 2015. Prior to joining ADA, he worked as leading research fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies (2009-14), the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies, in Istanbul, and the International Strategic Research Organization, based in Ankara. He is currently a contributing analyst for The Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia Daily Monitor and has previous editorial and journalistic experience in Azerbaijan and Turkey. Zaur has published numerous articles and commentaries and co-edited The Geopolitical Scene of the Caucasus: A Decade of Perspectives (Istanbul, 2013) and Azerbaijan and the New Energy Geopolitics of Southeastern Europe (Washington, DC, 2015).

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