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George Voloshin is an international affairs expert widely published on issues related to Eurasian politics, with a special focus on Central Asia. More information about him can be found on his personal website

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    US Downsizes Military Ties With Central Asia

    In June 2014, Central Asian media (, June 19;,, June 20) widely republished a June 18 article by EurasiaNet that analyzed the United States Defense Department’s latest biannual

    Kazakhstani-Russian Space Cooperation Further at Risk

    On September 25, the deputy chairman of Kazakhstan’s national space agency Kazkosmos, Erkin Shaimagambetov, officially announced his administration’s decision to allow Russia to carry out a new launch of its

    EDM analysts cited in Eurasia Review article

    Jamestown analysts Roger McDermott, Vladimir Socor, Pavel Felgenhauer, Georgiy Voloshin, Richard Weitz, and Dumitru Minzarari were cited in an article by Ariel Cohen in Eurasia Review.

    Russian-Kazakhstani Energy Spat Favors China

    On March 7, Kazakhstan’s parliament ratified the bilateral agreement with Russia on the duty-free import of Russian oil into Kazakhstani territory. The initial agreement on Kazakhstani-Russian cooperation in the field

    Central Asia Prepares for Post-2014 Afghanistan

    On December 4, Kazakhstan’s parliament and the Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies held a joint conference on the future of Central Asia–Afghanistan relations. This conference was attended by representatives of

    Russia-Uzbekistan Dispute Jeopardizes Bilateral Relationship

    In late June 2012, when Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially declared Tashkent’s decision to suspend its membership in the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the country’s National Communications Inspectorate published